RSA’s staff has years of geotechnical testing experience of geosynthetic materials:

Our experience includes solid-waste facilities, Superfund sites, and their applications using flexible membrane liners, geosynthetic clay liners, geotextiles, geocomposites, geonets, PVC, geogrid, and other geosynthetic materials. Clients count on our laboratory for the performance of conformance, interface shear and seam destructive testing.

Goethals Bridge

Finished in late 2018 and spanning over three major cities, the Goethals Bridge connects Elizabeth NJ to Staten Island NY by following the Arthur Kill strait. We at RSA Geolab tested the soils being used for construction, for PANYNJ under ASTM guidelines to make sure that the soils met or exceeded the requirements for the construction of the bridges addition from 2014-2018.

Fresh Kills Landfill

Being transformed into wetlands, recreational facilities, and landscaped public parkland, it's the largest expansion of the New York City park space since the development of parks in the Bronx during the 1890s. The Department of Parks and Recreation is responsible for implementing the plan for turning the landfill into a park. consisting of five main parks, that will be three times the size of Central Park. To make sure the soils and geosynthetics used are up to par in sealing the former landfill's waste from the new soil addition we at RSA Geolab have tested and will

continue to test, both the soils and geosynthetics being used for this project. That will consist of a variety of public spaces and facilities for a multitude of activity types. Although the park is not scheduled for completion until 2037, the Parks Department reported that in 2010-11 two hundred different species of wildlife had been seen in the former landfill.

Tappan Zee Bridge

Built to replace the original bridge, the New Tappan Zee Bridge crosses the Hudson river connecting I-87 to I-287. The construction of the new bridge began in early 2013 and, soon after several soils samples were sent to RSA Geolab to check if they met or exceeded the ASTM standards for construction. Working with both the Federal Highway Administration and New York Dept. of Transportation, we at RSA Geolab tested the soils samples under the guidelines of ASTM D1557, D3080 and, D422.

LaGuardia Airport

On July 27, 2015, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, joined by then-Vice President Joe Biden, announced a $4 billion plan to rebuild the terminals as one building with all terminal and bridges connecting all buildings. Under the new airport reconstruction plan disclosed in 2015, a single terminal building is to be constructed in stages, which includes a people mover retail space, a new hotel and 2 miles of additional taxiways.

The people mover is to connect the new terminal sections, the Grand Central Parkway is to be reconfigured, and AirTrain LaGuardia, previously announced, will connect the airport to the Mets–Willets Point subway station and the Mets–Willets Point LIRR station. A proposed high-speed ferry, if introduced, will service the Marine Air Terminal, a national historic landmark, which will remain intact.